RAY WOODS PHOTOGRAPHY (RWP):  Is the company that has everyone looking like stars.  Don’t let Ray’s age fool you!!.  He may be young but it doesn’t mean he doesn't know what fashion is all about.  Being promoted as the "Art Director intern" for Deadline Production, his knowledge of Photography, Fashion and style has his clients "mind-blown".   Ray Woods Photography is an up and coming Fashion Photography company who gives you 100% dedication on every photo shoot, project and social event.   Ray is Located in Philadelphia, PA he has all of the latest fashion trends at his fingertips.  Providing services in Fashion, Portraits, Model portfolio development, Head shots and so much more, he promises the best quality.  Anybody can take a picture but it is what Ray does that makes it a Photograph.”

Services: Consulting, Fashion Styles,

DEADLINE PRODUCTION:  1 Word- EMPOWERING   DeadLine Production is all about empowering the youth through entertainment as well as educating them on the ends and outs of the business aspects of the entertainment side.  DeadLine’s goal is to take on one or two young people a year and do our best to making there dreams come true by giving them the door way that they have been looking for most of there life.  There very own Single or Album project.   We all have one goal which is to be successful in whatever we choose to do but it takes teamwork, loyalty, trust, and hard work are the things we practice daily.  Deadline works with your strengths, weakness, skills and your own personal goals. We provide book knowledge as well as hands on experience.   Are you ready to put your skills to the test? DeadLine welcomes all who are interested and hardworking to be a part of this great program.  If you have a demo, mp3 of any of your work please submit it to us along with a picture and bio if possible.

Services: Executive Producing & Consulting

Humble Production:  If you dream of being on your way to the top.  You can sing, rap and harmonize.   You can rise even higher if you have a bangin’ beat!  Yes, I am talking about smash hits people!  Check out Humble Production Lab because if you’re looking for hot tracks and talented producers and song writers you come to the right place. We are always looking for talented artists like you to join forces with Humble Production.  I hear there’s always something cooking in the Humble Production Lab.  Everybody wants a taste, and if your looking for that fire track, hit us up, come along for the ride it’s sure to be worth your time and money.

Service: Music Production & Song Writing

Tahj Consulting:  Forget what you saw or heard about up and coming entertainment companies.  Tahj Entertainment is like no other entertainment company.  Not only are we an entertainment company, we provide consultancy services as well.   As a consultancy service, Tahj Entertainment gives you all the things you require to become successful in the industry.  We offer both highly skilled communicators and highly skilled researchers with in-depth knowledge of the areas you need.   We provide services in music, fashion and book publishing.   It should be obvious to you by now that we are force to be reckoned with. So what are you waiting for? Let's Chat!

Service: Education, Fashion Sense, Music Entertainment, Book publishing.

Tahj Graphic Designing  From tricking out pictures, Flyer's, to Logos and lots more Tahj Graphic Designing provides you nothing but the best product. You want to advertise Party, Retouch wedding photographs?  Do you want to brand your company name?  You have come to the right place. We work with a series of Graphic designers to make sure we meet all of your needs.   You will not be able to beat our reasonable prices. Everybody wants to promote something right?  Why not let Tahj Graphic Designing make it a couple steps easier for you"!

Service: Graphic Designing, Promoting Product. Flyer’s and Logo’s

Advertising:   "Give me lights, Give me fans and Give me stardom!”   As we increasingly network with hundreds of people our viewers will increase as well. We're all about supporting other artists, companies.  One of the ways we are showing it is through advertisements.   We have 4-9 open advertisement slots our site available in 9 different sizes.   We are looking to SUPPORT YOU.   We are accepting advertisements in FASHION (includes Photography, beauty, Designers, make- up artists, and more), MUSIC (includes Artist, Social events, producers, and more), and AUTHORS (including Book Authors, Screenwriter’s, Appropriate Blogs, and Magazines).   It's time for you to take the Next step! Let us help you promote your brand!

Service: Networking, Advertisement, Communication, Promoting Brand/Product

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