DeadLine Production began its journey as a nameless play in October 2008. Since then C.E.O. Lisa Ward and C.F.O. Dr. Tameka "Doc" Wright have envisioned the music part of DeadLine and its young people being seen and heard by hundreds of people, selling in stores, and getting recognized for being talented young writers, singer's, photographer’s, producer's, actors and actresses.
DeadLine’s vision is to have the future generation discover their talent, creativity, and confidence through a series of uplifting self-created projects that would eventually be performed in front of a live audience’s of people who will be able to listen and see their work. These two women and their team of young adults have been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality.
DeadLine plans to empower children, young adults and people over all through positive entertainment. The team at DeadLine has been consistently striving to encourage, inspire, and educate the future generation. DeadLine’s goal is to take on one or two young adult projects a year and make their dream’s come true by giving them a door way they have been looking for, most of there lives.

Deadline welcomes all who are interested to be a part of this positive movement that they are creating. In this movement it will take hard work, understanding, loyalty, respect, determination and commitment to truly reach your dreams and goals. DeadLine Production first album is under Tahj Entertainment. The Album is called “Arising Phoenix” and it well be released in 2011.
Yolanda Parson-Christine

Majority of the time, people define soul by the way one acts. speaks or how they carry themselves, but once a
person hears the lovely harmonic voice of Yolanda "Mz.Yola" Parson, it's undeniable that her soul comes from within.

Geri_Lynn Williams

When Geri-Lynn is on stage or in front of a camera she makes every line come to life. Acting is not what Geri-Lynn it is who she is. Geri-Lynn Andrea Williams is a star in the making that you will see on the big screen in Hollywood.

Keiwan Concepcion-Hassonan

Ms. Ward saw Keiwan along with the rest of the writing team of the play, they knew they had to have him. There was still one more person that had to agree and that was the CEO of Tahj Entertainment the mother company of DeadLine Dr. Tameka "Doc" Woods. Once she saw the taping and made her picks of the call backs. You know Keiwan was one of the call backs.

Derrell “Rell” Jervey

When Rell join DeadLine he had no ideal that it was a possibility of one day having his own single with them. DeadLine really saw something in Rell and in 2010 put him on the Arising Phoenix Project.

Monique “Nicki” Lloyd

Monique began volunteering to help DeadLine administratively in the summer of 2010 and is also part of Tahj Entertainment. She has enjoyed being part of the team as they scouted talent, wrote and produced music, and rehearsed. She saw their vision and commitment to helping youth realize their dreams in the music industry and could not turn them down when they asked her to come on board as Vice President of DeadLine.
She continues to support both entities as they release their first CD, The Arising Phoenix Soundtrack. She is proud to be part of the Deadline and Tahj Entertainment family.

Katrina Bleeker

She is 19 and she graduated from Glasgow High School. She salutatorian and continues to lead the rode to success, wherever she may go. She is from Toledo, Ohio. Finally, this year, we performed the play Lil’ Abner. She had never even heard of the play until this year.

Raymond Woods, Jr.

"To be unique let’s start by putting "U" into it. Raymond Woods is a self-taught photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. Raymond is also a Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion blogger, and video personnel. His passion for Fashion photography has really gotten him where he is today.

Now in the photography world he wants to build, strength and network himself for years to come. Showing no sign of stopping, Raymond is an Art Director Intern for Deadline Production and Tahj Entertainment. He puts what he considers to be his three assets: Art Background, Business and Fashion into use in his everyday life. Creativity, personality, swagger, individuality and loyalty are what Raymond is all about. He is extremely passionate, educated and professional about his business. He has established a management team to be the backbone of all of his endeavors.

Production Sponsors

We at DeadLine would just like to say thank you for all your help, support
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