Dr. Tameka “Doc” Woods singer, song writer, producer, and author was born December 3, 1970 in Wilmington, Delaware.  Her parents are Pastor Louis Saddler and the late Bonita Wright.  She was in her own words a “PK” preacher kid.  She has two “PK’s of her own, a 19 year old son and a 12 year old daughter both of whom lovingly support her dreams. Dr. Woods or “Doc” as we know her has a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling and a Doctorate Degree in Ministry.  She draws her humble and “down to earth” personality from her strong relationship with Jesus Christ. 

She is the type of person who always has a smile and a hug for you.  She prides herself on being her own person within the framework of what God has called her to be.  Her demeanor makes it easy for her to be accepted by anyone she comes in contact with.  She is calm yet fun spirited, patient yet results driven.

She is also an accomplished rap artist.  In her younger days she could be found listening to the sounds of MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, KRS One, Queen Latifah, Anita Baker and many others.  She would soon begin to establish a career of her own in 1990 by winning a record deal from a contest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Chumpies Potato Chips.  She would go on to record “The Meek shall in the early 1990’s.  This song was written by Dr. Woods.  It goes without saying that this was drawn from the Bible itself.   She is also a published author.  In 2005, she wrote a book of poetry entitled “Deep Inside.”   This book is still available through Amazon.com. Dr. Tameka “Doc” Woods is also the CEO of Tahj Entertainment.  Tahj Entertainment released its first project April 2, 2011 which is call the Arising Phoenix sound track album. The Album is available on Amazon.com, ITunes, CD Baby, and so much more.

She is currently working on completing and releasing an album she wrote and produced along with other producers the fall of 2011.  She writes songs about life in general that will appeal to everyone in a positive uplifting way.  Her first release from her album is called Waiting which drop April 2, 2011, this is a song that will touch the hearts of everyone. This song will make you feel as if Doc is talking to God for you. Doc Second release is called “Rescue” This song was written with the intention of reaching the young people who don’t come to church on a regular basis or maybe not at all.  It brings a message that says you are not the only young person going through life’s up and downs without it being the typical fire and brimstone music that many often think of when you hear the word “gospel”. 

The song will catch you bopping your head and singing the message before you realize you’re doing it!  If you think this is just coincidence, think again.  This is what she does she reaches you right where you are.
She has said “I may be in the world but I am not of the world!” and this statement truly embodies who she is.



Tahjae Woods aka LiL Tahj: Actress / Intern / Jr. Producer and Rapper 

Tahjae "LiL Tahj" Woods is a 12 year old superstar in the making. This talented young lady has many gifts including but not limited to rapping, writing and producing.  She also plays musical instruments such as the flute, guitar, keyboard and drums. She comes from a business, athletic and musical background.

During her free time she likes to play basketball. She is an amazing up and coming basketball player that many coaches hope to have her on their team when basketball season comes around. LiL Tahj has a hitting single called Pretty Boy which is making a lot of young and old people say could she be the next Willow Smith. LiL Tahj also Co- Produced the single B.A.B.Y off the Arising Phoenix Sound Track Album.

Tahjae dreams of one day becoming a science teacher as well as being in the WNBA. As of now, she is learning the ropes of producing from her mother Dr. Tameka Woods aka "Doc". She is well on her way as becoming a powerhouse in the world of business, sports and entertainment.





Taraya Ex-Clavon Saadia Simmons was born on May 31, 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in Delaware. Ex-Clavon began singing at the age of five in the church choir. Ex-Clavon is multi-talented, unique and versatile artist. She has performed in various locations throughout the Delaware area from the age of 13. She is inspired by many great singers and hopes to become one of greatest of her in time.  In 2010, she connected with Tahj Entertainment and Deadline Production and now she has her very own single on the Arising Phoenix sound track album as well as some feat on the album. When you hear the name Ex-Clavon all you can do is think of class and elegance.

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