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TAHJ ENTERTAINMENT:   Tahj Entertainment is a label that is going to remind you of what music was like back in the 80's and 90's with a 20th century feel. It is a label that cares about the art of music and entertainment. What makes Tahj Entertainment more than just a label? It cares about its artist and their over all objectives in the business of entertainment. Tahj is also about building the kingdom with positivity, hard work, commitment and realizes you don't have to do what the world is doing to be effective . Tahj understands the essence of what a label is suppose to do which is touch, relate, and change lives where possible through good music and entertainment. Tahj Entertainment is the mother company to Ray Woods Photography, DL Production, Humble Production, and many more. Tahj will provide you, the viewer and listener with nothing but the best of the best and well always remember we have a responsibility to the people of all ages.



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